Laurell K Hamilton writes what can biceest be described as S&M vampire porn (or S&M fairy porn, if you’re reading the Meredith series).  This is really too bad because she’s a good writer and her early books were quite good.

I don’t know what happened though – did she decided the market for good supernatural fiction was saturated? Did she decide that plots were over-rated? Did she just run out of ideas? Whatever it was, after the first couple of Anita books she dispensed with plot and every book became:

  1. Monster comes to town (chapter 1)
  2. Anita has sex with everything that moves (next few hundred pages)
  3. Monster leaves, or Anita kills monster (final chapter)

But, yes, I keep reading them. And in the last few books I think maybe the original Hamilton is starting to re-emerge. In Dead Ice I think there are only two sex scenes, and one of them is implied!!!!111!!!