burnI really enjoy Ilona Andrews’ Kate Daniels series and have been getting a kick out of their Innkeeper Chronicles web series, but I have to admit the cover of this one put me off.  I mean, really, this is an Avon Romance!

Montgomery International Investigations has given a tough case to a subsidiary. Two young men have robbed a bank and killed a policeman and the family of one of them want their boy to be captured without killing him. Problem: he’s a sociopathic fire mage who fries people alive if they look at him wrong. MII figures that there’s no way to succeed, but if it looks like they tried the family won’t come after them. So they give the case to Nevada Baylor and her family firm figuring, hey, better them than us.

So, ok, yes, there are lots of heaving bosoms and washboard abs, but the story is quite good paranormal mystery/romance.