halfHalf the World is a bloody adventure. Thorn lives in a small village in the north. All her life she’s wanted to be a warrior and go on raids of neighboring villages. Female warriors are not exactly unheard of, but they’re highly discouraged. The warrior’s trainer makes her fight three of her fellow trainees to pass and when her wooden training sword breaks and a shard kills one of the fighters he brands her a murder and she is sentenced to death by crushing between stones.

Viking violence! Actually there’s a suggestion that this is a post-apocalyptic world, but if so it’s so long past that artifacts are attributed to the elves who “broke the world” long ago.

Brand is one of the warriors in training that Thorn defeats. His mother always told him to do good, so despite the peer pressure to be quiet he finally tells Father Yarvi what really happened. When the trainer finds out he refuses to give Brand a place as a warrior.

Father Yarvi puts together a motley crew to row from their small village to the city of the Queen of the South to ask for help against the High King, and he brings Thorn and Brand along. This is the story of that voyage.

This is an interesting and richly detailed story.