handIronhand is the second in the Stoneheart trilogy. It’s good YA fantasy. I listened to the audiobook by Jim Dale, who read the Harry Potter series as well, so that made it especially enjoyable.

The Stoneheart trilogy is the story of two kids in an alternative layer of London. George breaks the head off a gargoyle while on a school field trip and finds himself with gargoyles chasing him and statues helping him. Edie sees things that others don’t and she thinks maybe George is like her when she notices that he’s running from gargoyles. They join forces along with The Gunner, a world war II statue. In Stoneheart they are on the run through London, trying to return the broken gargoyle to the stone heart of London before time runs out.

In Ironhand the three are separated and trying to get back together. The Gunner has been imprisoned by The Walker in a well and is forbidden from climbing out. George has been carried away by a gargoyle and is trying to get back to Edie so that they can rescue The Gunner, and Edie is searching for both of them, and meeting betrayal in many different dimensions. Their stories alternate from chapter to chapter, which can be confusing, but in this case the chapters are short enough that you don’t lose track of any of their story-lines.

A good second book which allows each of the major characters to grow and develop on their own.