revengeRevenge of the Witch is the first in a series.  This is the tradition story of the seventh son of the seventh son apprentices to the local wizard, except in this case it’s the Spook – a man whose job it is to protect the populace from ghosts, boggarts and girls with pointy shoes.

Naturally almost the first thing Thomas does in his new apprenticeship is meet a girl with pointy shoes.

This is a good traditional fantasy, told in the first person by Thomas. Thomas must prove himself a worthy apprentice by passing several tests, and in the process must stand against a family of evil witches and defeat them.

There are fore-shadowings of things to come from the very first. Clearly his mother is more than she seems, and I have a strong feeling that Alice (the girl with the shoes) and Thomas will be seeing more of each other. (Boys are so clueless.)