woodSolstice Wood is a different book for McKillip. It takes place in modern day America and is probably more akin to something by Charles de Lint than her other books. Or perhaps, Tanya Huff’s series about the Gale women.

Sylvia Lynn is comfortable running her bookstore far from home. She has a secret that would not be welcome in the small town that she grew up in, so she escaped and made a new life for herself. Sylvia is half fae and her family is terrified of the fae in the woods behind the house.

Then Sylvia’s Grandmother calls to tell her that her Grandfather has died and she needs to come home for his funeral. Sylvia knows that going home will be a lot easier than getting away again, but she loved her Grandfather, so she goes.

Ultimately, this is a story about perspective and prejudice, but it’s also about honesty with others and with yourself. A good story with a deeper sub-text.