lostI will confess that I got this book simply because of the words “Rachel Bland and her dust bunny companion” on the back cover. Perhaps that’s not enough for a relationship to blossom.

As the cover clearly indicates, this is paranormal romance. It’s doing it’s best to seem like a Science Fiction novel, but it takes more than a reference to “the aliens” to make scifi.

Rachel Bland is a former member of the Harmonic Enlightenment community on some distant world where psychic abilities are common and the environment itself gives of psychic vibrations, which apparently glow, like blacklight posters. She has the ability to see and modify other people’s auras. After a failed attempt to live in the “normal” world she has moved to a small island where there’s a psychic Reserve and a hot dude who guards it. Odd things are happening and Rachel and Harry are drawn together to investigate. Needless to say, passions flair.

If you’re a fan of romance novels and can stomach the woo this is a well-written novel. Not to my taste.