curlLong Black Curl is the third in Bledsoe’s series about the Tufa, so if you haven’t read the others don’t even think of starting here.

In The Hum and the Shiver Bronwyn Hyatt returns home to Cloud County, Tennessee from Iraq to recuperate after being wounded in combat. She didn’t want to return, but she’s a First Daughter of the Tufa and it’s hard enough for any Tufa to leave – for a First Daughter the night winds will bring you back whatever it takes.

Wisp of a Thing is the second volume in the series. Although the focus is on a wandering musician, we meet a number of residents and learn a lot more about them. The first volume is almost more thriller than fantasy, but in Wisp the veil is pulled back all the way. There’s magic in them thar hills.

After a murderous rampage Bo-Kate Wisby and her boyfriend Jefferson Powell were banished from Cloud County. In Long Black Curl Bo-Kate has found a way back. It’s been 50 years (but time works differently for the Tufa) so she’s had plenty of time to simmer and she’s bent on revenge and a take-over.

Bledsoe is probably better known for his Eddie LaCrosse hard-boiled detective fantasies, but if you like your Urban Fantasy with an edge you’ll love this series.