choiceI have a stack of books on my bedside stand waiting to be read, and none of them appeal. Too much violence lately and one of them is a bad Harry Potter knock-off/fan fiction that I probably won’t finish. So, time to re-read an old favorite.

Tamora Pierce is always a good read. She started off writing elementary school quartets and trilogies and then the language and the length slowly increased and now they’re YA novels. They’re all “coming of age” novels featuring a young woman. (And she always seems to fall in love with an older man by the fourth book, but I guess by that time she’s proven herself.)

Trickster’s Choice, and the follow-up Trickster’s Queen, feature Aly, daughter of the King’s Champion and his spymaster. Aly wants to be a spy, but her parents are adamantly opposed. Then Aly is captured by slavers through the contrivance of the trickster god, who has a use for her. She makes a deal with the god that if she helps a family survive until autumn he will return her home. Since they are on the bad side of a crazy king, and she’s a slave, this turns out to be a challenge that draws on all the skills learned helping her father.

Of course it’s good. I’m re-reading it.