hangedP.N. Elrod writes a lot of vampire novels. I’m so tired of vampire novels. So, I was delighted to read her latest, which is mostly a historical mystery with a paranormal aspect. (Although there’s reason to suspect that one of the characters is a vampire, there’s no reveal in this book.)

Alexandrina “Alex” Pendlebury works for The Service in 1879 London. She’s a “Reader,” able to pick up emotions from others and, more importantly, able to pick up emotional traces left at crime scenes. On the morning of¬†Christmas 1879 she’s called in to a suicide by hanging that Scotland Yard is not completely satisfied with. It turns out to be a murder staged as a suicide, and the victim turns out to be her father, who she last saw in Hong Kong 10 years earlier.

This is a well written mystery with interesting characters that I suspect will form the core of a band of investigators in future books: the empath, the seer, the doctor, the old family retainer…

I look forward to seeing where this series goes next.