I hate to give up on books, but sometimes it’s just too painful to continue. You know how they say about dieting that you should love every calorie? You should love every word too.

So here’s my Did Not Finish list for this month:

The Kill Artist, by Daniel Silva. Basically, this book reinforces the point that the Middle-East is just a giant Hatsfields & McCoys feud and the only way it’s all going to end is when they all kill each other off. Best proof that there is no god: if there were he/she/it would have scrubbed the region clean and started over long ago. I read about half while waiting for Windows 10 to download and couldn’t care less what happened next, but I’d bet money the only slightly worthwhile character in the story will become collateral damage in the last few pages. It’s that kind of book.

The Burning Sky, Sherry Thomas. Poorly done Harry Potter knock-off. I read 50 pages or so and couldn’t go on. Poorly written, unbelievable characters and hugely, hugely derivative. Hugely.

The Drafter, Kim Harrison. I feel kind of bad about this one because I’ve generally liked Kim Harrison’s novels, but the hook on this one is so tired and worn out I couldn’t really engage. Main character is fighting bad guys, but loses her memory and relies on best buddy to tell her what happened. Best buddy turns out to be a liar. Now who are the real bad guys? Who can she trust? Yada yada yada. Slightly cool that she loses her memory every time she re-writes the past, but not enough to overcome the basic problem that this theme has been done to death.