7bb5c7d32a-3f1e-4e22-9328-dc4798da61cd7dimg100I just listened to the audiobook, read by Joan Walker, and was blown away. This is a wonderful tale about a girl named Elsa, 7 going on 8, who lives in a big house in a big city. She spends most of her time, when she’s not in school, with her granny, who used to be a doctor before she became a grandmother. Granny used to travel the world saving other people, which is ironic because Elsa lives across the hall with her mother, who’s a hospital administrator and doesn’t spend much time at home because she’s very busy. George also lives with them. He wears jogging shorts and everyone likes him, so Elsa tries not to, because that’s only fair. Granny can be a bit of a shit, so when she dies she leaves Elsa a treasure hunt of letters to deliver, to let people know she’s sorry.

Joan Walker makes you feel like she’s reading a fairy tale just to you. It’s an absolute delight. I can not recommend it enough.